18 October 2007

Victory Media Network

Victory Media Network
An Extraordinary Place for Art and Artistry
The Victory Media Network® is the first large-scale, outdoor digital arts gallery in the world. This modern Kunsthalle is located in Dallas at the heart of Victory Park, one of the most significant new urban developments in the United States. Through its Victory Arts program, the Victory Media Network® provides opportunities for digital artists from across Texas and around the world to work and experiment with the finest video display technology available.


Victory Media Network is now accepting extraordinary motion arts: stylized live action, stunning visual storytelling, cutting-edge motion graphics, experimental animation, and very short films. Submit today!


12 February 2007

Body Art

Body art by Guido Daniele. Amazing!


09 January 2007

Faces of New York: Simon Hogsberg

Name: Joan Darrow
Age: Secret
Occupation: Image-consultant

What do you think about your face?
I think that God has given me a beautiful face. I’m very grateful for my face. I think that a lot of things in my life has to do with my faith in God. With my faith in God I express beauty, it’s coming from within me, from the Holy Spirit. When I think of the Holy Spirit I feel like I’m projecting beauty. So therefore I have a beautiful face, praise the Lord.

It’s also about accepting the face I have. It has to do also with acceptance. I mean, I could go out and have plastic surgery. And then I would look like a different person, so why would I do that? I’m not ashamed of the way I look, but that’s definitely a spiritual thing. It’s not a worldly thing, because the world says, Oh no, you go and you have this done and you have that done, and…

I don’t wear very much make-up, because I don’t think it’s attractive. I don’t want to show off the make-up I’m wearing, I want to show off my face because I am pleased with the way God made me.

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