09 January 2007

Faces of New York: Simon Hogsberg

Name: Joan Darrow
Age: Secret
Occupation: Image-consultant

What do you think about your face?
I think that God has given me a beautiful face. I’m very grateful for my face. I think that a lot of things in my life has to do with my faith in God. With my faith in God I express beauty, it’s coming from within me, from the Holy Spirit. When I think of the Holy Spirit I feel like I’m projecting beauty. So therefore I have a beautiful face, praise the Lord.

It’s also about accepting the face I have. It has to do also with acceptance. I mean, I could go out and have plastic surgery. And then I would look like a different person, so why would I do that? I’m not ashamed of the way I look, but that’s definitely a spiritual thing. It’s not a worldly thing, because the world says, Oh no, you go and you have this done and you have that done, and…

I don’t wear very much make-up, because I don’t think it’s attractive. I don’t want to show off the make-up I’m wearing, I want to show off my face because I am pleased with the way God made me.

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