01 August 2008

The Design Green Project: CALL FOR ENTRIES!

The Design Green Project is the first of its kind to honor and reward designers' creativity, from around the world, for their excellence in designing 'Green' for a better planet – in the disciplines of art, branding, environments, fashion, packaging, photography, print, design green, and now interactive.

All designers who participate in this unique competition will be part of the solution to the Global Warming Crisis by replacing one of their old light bulbs with a compact fluorescent light bulb provided by The Design Green Project. Additionally, there will be a tree planted in their name and 50% of all proceeds will be donated to the StopGlobalWarming.org fund, just for entering.

Due to incompatiablities in voltage and connections, designers who participate outside the United States will not receive a light bulb, however, a tree will be planted in their name and 50% of their entry fee will be donated to the StopGlobalWarming.org fund.

Entries must be submitted by December 15th 2008.

Creative Categories
Art: Paintings, illustrations, sculpture, etc.
Branding: Naming, identity, stationery packaging, etc.
Environments: Retail designs, exhibits, signage, etc.
Fashion: Couture, ready-to-wear, bags, shoes, etc.
Packaging: CDs, DVDs, boxes, bags, labels, etc.
Photography: Portraits, landscapes, etc.
Print: Collateral, posters, magazines, etc.
Design Green: Eco-friendly designs with recycled materials.
Interactive: Web sites, flash presentations, etc. NEW

Designs submitted must have an environmentally friendly theme. The Design Green category must have an eco-friendly theme and use recycled materials.

Learn more at: http://designgreenproject.org

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