26 August 2008

Vote RITTER for Georgia Feline Specialty License Plate

Our very own Carolyn Ritter (In the Spotlight) is one of six finalist for the Georgia feline specialty license plate. You can see her current work on the home page of AOD. In the meantime, here's a little background about the artist:

As the wife of a veterinarian, Carolyn Ritter has seen her share of cats in need and rescued many of them. As an artist, she strives to portray the universal feline that could be anybody’s favorite cat. Aptly titled, “Queen of Spays,” this design is a memorial to the artist’s own 16-year old feline friend, Kiki. As a lifelong companion of the Ritter family, Kiki transformed from a tiny rescued stray to a buddy who provided many years of love and laughter. The artist told us that Kiki would have concealed the fact that she would be honored to be on the Georgia spay and neuter license plate.

In our humble opinion – we believe her plate captures the essence of felines the best. Meow!


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