17 September 2008

Political Sneakers make a Mark!

Amongst all the other political merchandising, the Obama Air Force 1 sneakers are certainly unusual. The image of Obama is on the right sole. On the left is another image with the words “ A black Man runs and a nation is behind him.”

Jimm Lasser engraved the soles of a pair of Air Force 1 High sneakers for his art exhibition entitles “The Dunk on McCain” at Tyson Space. Prints from the soles will be sold along with the shoes. The artist is an art director and copywriter at Wieden+Kennedy Studio in Portland.

Calligraphy Body Art

French body painter and graffiti artist RéElBenjam1 uses the art of calligraphy to create a contemporary extension of his emotions and personal experiences and transform them into shapes, colors, and signs. His inspiration comes from Eastern calligraphy and tribal orientation graffiti. The shapes and icons RéElBenjam1 paints on bodies is his unique way of writing. His creativity goes beyond traditional body paint as he also uses fluorescent paint to add an eye-catching and vibrant look to his body art.

Remain Stylish Even in the Grave

Designer Coffins

Now it’s essential to remain stylish even in the grave. The German design house UONO has created a concept to revolutionize the tradition coffin. An actual benefit of this new product is the fact that it is made of jute and a water based varnish so it’s actually visually stimulating and bio-degradable – and all made by hand!

It was only a matter of time before IKEA ventured into coffins. Artist Joe Scanlan has created simple coffins for $15,000--or a book for $27.50 that tells you how to make your own coffin from IKEA parts for less than $400.

11 September 2008

New York Fashion Week: Spring 2009

Oscar de la Renta

spring 2009 Marc Jacobs collection

Finale of the spring 2009 collection of Carolina Herrera

Spring 2009 Vera Wang collection

Designer Naeem Khan's Spring 2009

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