18 June 2009

Buffy To Be Animated Series?

Since the news that a new Buffy movie will come out sans Joss Whedon, we've gotten the sense that fans have been a little perturbed.

Fear not, because perhaps there is a light at the end of your vampire-loving tunnel!

What would you say to a Buffy The Vampire Slayer animated series?

You'd love it! We thought you might and you might just get it…with Joss Whedon in tow!

A source is revealing that the beloved cult vampire classic, which made the move to comics after the show ran it's course, could be returning to the small screen in an animated show based off of the comics. Very few details are available, but it stands to reason that the show will continue in the Buffyverse Whedon had created, thus being more appealing to fans.

As for Whedon's involvement, the source says: “Whedon’s involved, but not on an ‘in-the-studio’ kind of way. He will pop in at bench-marks and give the thumbs up to make the studio happen. Not as much involvement as any of us want, but its better than not any at all.”

We see a lot of potential in this idea. For one thing, we bet it would be easier to get the original cast to come back if all they had to do was voice-overs. Plus, we'd rather see an animated Sarah Michelle Gellar kick butt than the live one. She's getting kind of old and very pregnant!

11 June 2009

Your Logo Makes Me Barf!!

YourLogoMakesMeBarf.com is intended to be a humorous look at what can go wrong when an unskilled person (your neighbor’s brother’s uncle’s friend anyone?!) designs a logo. Good logos require time and involve great forethought. A good logo should be a financial investment but also something that will benefit the long term growth of a company.

So leave the designing to the designers and browse through some of these fine examples of what not to look for in a logo. Barf bags recommended.


10 June 2009

Brad Pitt Splurges on an Oil Painting by German Artist Neo Rauch

Brad Pitt the art buff in aviator shades spends a cool $1m on a new canvas

By Daily Mail Reporter

Brad Pitt set camera phones a flutter as he turned up at an art exhibition in Switzerland.

And instead of using his excellent eyesight to check out the exhibits -he kept his peepers shaded by his trusty aviator shades as he viewed the exhibits at Art Basel.

But it clearly didn't affect his judgement as he spent $1 million on a new artwork to add to his collection.

Brad splashed out on Neo Rauch’s 9-foot rainbow-coloured racetrack painting Etappe.

The 1998 painting depicts a swirling view of a driver behind a red, Formula One-style race-car, with workers nearby carrying coloured hoses.

He was at the exhibition with art collector friends Eli and Edythe Broad.

Eli said Pitt hesitated about buying the painting but Eli said: 'I told him we had four Rauchs and if he didn’t buy it, we probably would.'

He then decided to buy the oil on linen Neo Rauch for just under $1million, the gallery confirmed.

Brad was spotted wearing the same gold-rimmed aviator shades and beige tweed flatcap that he wore to visit Angelina Jolie the day before on the Washington D.C. set of thriller Salt.

The Hollywood star had flown into the Swiss city on an art shopping mission, but he seemed determined to remain - unsuccessfully - incognito.

The four day art fair Art 40 Basel features more than 300 leading art galleries from all continents and contemporary art works by over 2500 artists.

Avid art and antiques collector Brad spent some time looking at the many artworks on display, including piece 'end of knowledge' - 24K gold on primed linen, 2008-2009 by US artist Jim Hodges

But in between viewing he managed to pose for pictures with some young fans.

Brad has set aside millions of dollars to add to his collection. Last year he spent $500,000 on furniture at a design exhibition in the city.

Pitt wasn't the only celebrity in town with money to spend, he was joined by billionaire art enthusiasist Roman Abramovich, Chanel's style tsar Karl Lagerfeld and model Naomi Campbell.

04 June 2009

DAVID MACILWAINE exhibits Wire Sculptures

David MacIlwaine began sculpting 25 years ago when the need for a unique chandelier drove him to scavenge the twisted metal rods that supported the vines above his home in Italy. From these humble beginnings a successful artist was born and David’s work is now appreciated by art lovers world wide. David’s sculpture can be seen in album art work, in the designs of the River Café and in the homes of his illustrious clients but it still retains the charm and energy of those first bent shafts. For move information and images of some of the work that will be on show visit www.davidmacilwaine.co.uk

David MacIlwaine’s sculpture will be on show until September 30th 2009. Sculptures start at £500. That's around US $820.


03 June 2009

Patrick Demarchelier

Fine Art Photography

Patrick Demarchelier, born in France, is one of the premiere cover photographers having to his credit hundreds of international fashion and beauty magazines. His images have been shown at a large number of exhibitions in USA and abroad.

Patrick Demarchelier is one of the world elite among photographers and has seen his work published in the portfolios of the major international fashion magazines. He has also regularly been recruited to shoot extravagant advertising campaigns for high-profile brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Estée Lauder, Armani, Versace, Calvin Klein, L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic and Christian Dior. He spent 15 years at Vogue before signing an exclusive contract with Harper’s Bazaar and Hearst Publications in 1992 that continues to this day. Patrick Demarchelier’s images have been shown at a large number of exhibitions and he has published three books, Patrick Demarchelier: Photographs (1995), Exposing Elegance (1997) and Forms (1998).

Patrick Demarchelier was born outside Paris in 1943, spent his childhood in the northern harbour town of Le Havre, and moved to New York in 1975.

View more of Demarchelier's work here: www.demarchelier.net

02 June 2009

The Hairy Children: Portrait Illustrations by Erik Mark Sandberg

It’s not easy to escape the glitz and lure of celebrity magazines and popular culture, especially when living in the glamorous world of Los Angeles. Erik Mark Sandberg critically comments on this world by highlighting the influences of the pop-industry in his controversial portraits. The "Hairy Children" play among flower still lives at Johanssen Gallery from 10th July to 30th August, 2009.

Sandberg draws his ideas from his daily environment. Random observations, reports in the media or a collection of personal photos and snapshots inspire him. His works comment on everyday life; they approach their subject with subtle humour and flashy colours, always leaving room for interpretation.

Sandberg compares his practice to mathematical experiments. He combines the most different images – photographs, screen prints, painting, and digital works – makes them overlap and takes them away again to find an equation that works.

Erik Sandberg’s life is as diverse and experimental as his art. The former child actor, certified motor mechanic and graduated artist received several medals from the “American Society of Illustrators“ for his illustration work and teaches printmaking at the universities in Pasadena and in Northridge, California.