04 June 2009

DAVID MACILWAINE exhibits Wire Sculptures

David MacIlwaine began sculpting 25 years ago when the need for a unique chandelier drove him to scavenge the twisted metal rods that supported the vines above his home in Italy. From these humble beginnings a successful artist was born and David’s work is now appreciated by art lovers world wide. David’s sculpture can be seen in album art work, in the designs of the River CafĂ© and in the homes of his illustrious clients but it still retains the charm and energy of those first bent shafts. For move information and images of some of the work that will be on show visit www.davidmacilwaine.co.uk

David MacIlwaine’s sculpture will be on show until September 30th 2009. Sculptures start at £500. That's around US $820.